It’s Over

Weekly Report 5/22 to 5/28 This ISM year is officially over. Final Presentation Night was on Thursday, May 25th, and it went better than I could have imagined. All of the practice that we went through this ISM year really paid off. The display board portion of the night went perfectly, and a lot smoother … More It’s Over

The Time is Now

Weekly Report 5/15 to 5/21 This is it. Final Presentation Night is finally here. This Thursday, the Reedy ISM students get to show off everything that we have worked toward this year. With our mentors, family, and friends in attendance, I will be able to present everything that I have worked toward this year in … More The Time is Now

It’s Here

Weekly Report 5/8 to 5/14 We are only days away from final presentation night. Everything that we have accomplished this year in ISM is leading up to the next couple of weeks. Our final products will be completely finalized in a few days, and we will conduct our final rehearsals for the big night. I … More It’s Here

Back On My Feet

Weekly Report 4/17 to 4/24 These past few weeks have been though. Due to certain circumstances, I have not been able to get as much work done as I would have liked, which is equally my fault as it is the circumstances’. I gained more progress on my my final project, as I was able … More Back On My Feet

Dangerously Close

Weekly Report 4/10 to 4/16 Final presentation night is approaching faster and faster as time goes on. However, enough preparations are made for it so that it will go off without any problems. The longer I work on my final product, the more I am realizing how much I enjoy the topic that I chose … More Dangerously Close


Weekly Report 4/3 to 4/9 The final portion of the ISM speech was orated during this last week in preparation for the final presentation night. Throughout this year in ISM, one of the most significant areas of growth personally is my ability to speak in front of a crowd. My confidence and posture during my … More Growth